[thechat] look what the job search agent left in my stocking

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Sun Dec 9 18:20:35 CST 2001

once a week, workopolis.com sends me links to recent job postings

my query criteria?  fairly broad:   "sql or web"

here's today's selection of job titles

you'd think there'd be more, but this time of year is pretty slow -- nobody
hires two week before the winter solstice and the associated festivals

JD Edwards Consultant
Team Leader with Cognos and Siebel
Peoplesoft Functional Consultant
Object Oriented Modelers
Smalltalk Developers
Senior Editor

the last one got my attention because of the company it's for -- beer.com

below is the job spec

[sigh] i wish i qualified -- it sounds fun



This individual will work with the editorial and design teams to edit and
write world-class feature articles, reviews etc. and Internet-oriented
content for beer.com, an international online magazine.

Duties and Responsibilities

- Dream up and write cutting-edge, current entertainment feature stories
and magazine-style copy, headlines etc. for a daily online magazine.
- Develop content for three regions of Canada (East Coast, Central, West)
- Edit and manage a group of freelance writers in the U.S.
- Create mid-range content strategies that further the content tone and
overall business objectives of beer.com.
- Copy edit various kinds of copy for 100-percent accuracy.

This person needs:

- Minimum of a B.A. in Journalism, preferably in print or Internet.

- The discipline that at least two years experience hitting newsroom-like
daily deadlines instills.
- At least three years of editing experience.
- A creative imagination and and a desire to put it to work to create
unique and bold features.
- To become extremely ill at the site of copy errors.
- To straddle the increasingly blurry line between editorial integrity and
promotional ideas.
- Online writing experience and real-world reporting experience.
- To crave a fun and intense environment where vague notions become Web
articles for a North America-wide 19- to 24-year-old audience in a matter
of hours.
- An unnaturally deep love of all facets of pop culture.
- To be a features editor for an online magazine at heart, and not a

Only applications with a resume, covering letter, writing samples and the
answers to the following questions will be considered:

1. Do you have online writing samples? Please provide links.
2. What are your salary expectations?
3. Why do you want to work at beer.com?
4. What is unique about your approach to writing?

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