[thechat] Ancient computers (was: IT is here!)

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> Hmmm . . . while I extend my sincerest sympathy, I've managed to
> be handed a
> pretty good arrangement where I think the loss of my laptop would
> be only an
> inconvenience. Company's laptop, insured well, with everything
> synchronized
> on the network and/or my Palm Pilot.
> Anyone think of a reason that its loss would be more than a minor
> inconvenience? If I'm sticking my head in the sand I guess I
> oughta know it.
> spinhead

In my case the only real incovenience is that *I* owned
it.  The data's backed up elsewhere (apart from about a year's
worth of mail, but I can live with that).  My big PITA
is that I now have to find about £600 to replace it.

Ah well...

PS: I've recently acquired a half-dozen IBM-badged P150s
being thrown out of a local company - any good causes you
know of in the London area needs one, drop me a line.

John Handelaar

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