[thechat] How much memory does Linux need?

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Mon Dec 17 12:19:29 CST 2001


the second to last paragraph specifically, but i'd recommend reading the 
whole thing :)

Chris and Danielle Johnston wrote:

> A link to those details would be great.
> Thanks,
> chris
> -----Original Message-----
> Yes it is normal for linux to appear to be using all of your memory, so 
> no big worry.. details are available if you want them :)
> Chris and Danielle Johnston wrote:
>>I have just reinstalled Red Hat 7.2 onto my machine and everything 
>>seems to be running much better now. I was even able to get MySQL, 
>>PHP, and Apache up and running thanks to apache toolbox.
>>But... When I run the memory usage monitor, the computer seems to be 
>>using all of my memory and I have 640 megs of the stuff. Is this 
>>normal? Under win2k, at the worst, I usually only end up using about 
>>300 megs of the stuff.
>>I thought Linux was less memory intensive then windows?

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