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Hey all,

Just wanted to share...

Just woke up having arrived home at 2:30am.  We saw Lord of the Rings last
night because one of the theatres here was having it show starting at 10pm.

My buddy is a manager at the theatre and he got me 4 tickets... amazingly
enough it wasn't sold out because they had 4 theatres running it from 10
'til 1am. But the other reason is because tonnes of people bought tix in
advance for the 19th and they decided later to open the show a little early,
and there wasn't much publicity about the Monday times.  Apparently it's
sold out now until January 3rd.

Anyway, on to my review.  (Understand that I have recently completed reading
The Hobbit, but not yet started the LOTR series.)

In a word: wow!

The movie is shot well, the FX are amazing and the actors play the roles
very well. The only funny thing is that Elrond (? elf at the house at
elrond?) is played by the bad guy from the Matrix... couldn't help thinking
of him saying "You see Neo, the human race is like a disease..."

Alas, if you haven't read the books this movie will amaze you.  If you have
read the books, I'm almost positive you'll be satisfied.  GO see this movie.

The only complaint my wife Claire had, was that the Lady of the Woods scene
was a little short.  I didn't seem to mind, but then again, I haven't read
the books yet... though I intend to shortly.

Books: Great.  Movie: Great too!

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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