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> >Ah seethru - the fake site of the fake dotcom which the BBC's
> >Drama Department launched on the public way too late.
> Can you explain further?
> Is this stuff actually sponsored by the BBC?
> Are your tax dollars paying for this?

nope - iirc the site was run by the production company (Island World) in
association with ICL, now it's run by someone else in association with ICL
after it nearly got shutdown.

the website isn't anything to do with the BBC.


oh, btw ...

intrepid:~> whois seethru.co.uk

   Domain Name: SEETHRU.CO.UK

   Registered For: World Productions Ltd

   Domain Registered By: OUTERSCAN

   Registered on 12-Oct-1999.

   Record last updated on 11-Jun-2001 by nominet at Nominet.

   Domain servers listed in order:


   WHOIS database last updated at 18:12:01 18-Dec-2001

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