[thechat] alcohol kills rock n' rollers

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Wed Dec 19 18:39:35 CST 2001

The comment was made because I think alcohol is a dangerous but 
socially accepted drug and I think it is hypocritical to label IMO 
less-dangerous drugs such as marijuana as dangerous ... to the point 
of our government refusing to allow legitimate medical studies on it, 
and then turning around and saying you can't legalize medical 
marijuana because legitimate medical studies have not been done.


California's medical marijuana initiative made great sense, IMO.   I 
suppose the feds have gutted it.

I'll smoke a joint if it keeps me off Prozac, thank you very much.

Oregon has medical marijuana of sorts, but you have to be really 
REALLY sick to get it.

I feel very strongly about medical marijuana, yes.  I know someone 
who's pain was helped greatly by marijuana, but he was jailed for 
growing it.  He's dead now, of diabetes.

As to the OTHER question, about legalization... I currently like the 
idea of decriminalizing ALL drugs and treating addiction as the 
medical problem it is. But I don't know.  I'd like to look at places 
like Holland to see how they deal with these issues.

I've dealt with alcoholics my whole life, & my life has been torn 
apart by booze and also I've seen major devastation from that 
extra-special combo of booze and methamphetamine.

Not my use, but people around me.
It's true that addiction affects the whole family...

& the whole community... & future generations...
I've seen it and experienced it.

Ironically, sister-in-law who had ongoing drinking problems finally 
got sober and got her life together about two years ago when she 
joined the Native American Church.

You know... the religion where the participants use Peyote to help 
them with God.

& personally I hate heroin, cocaine, meth, etc.

But of the herbs, I believe what the old Karuks believed:
all plants are sacred; all plants are medicine.


>A question for you Erika -- should I read your comment "gotta love 
>those legal drugs" as:
>	- legal drugs as dangerous as illegal ones, so we should 
>legalize the illegal ones...
>	- legal drugs as dangerous as illegal ones, so we abolish the 
>or restrict currently legal drugs...
>	- joe <http://artlung.com/blog/>


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