[thechat] Audio burning with Easy CD Creator 5

Seth Bienek seth at sethbienek.com
Fri Dec 21 11:21:02 CST 2001

Hi Bob,

What brand of CD Burner do you have?  HP has a great new free proggy (RecordNow) for making and copying music CD's, but I'm not positive if it works with non-HP drives.

Otherwise, I would look to see if there is an option to turn off testing of the source drive audio transfer rate.  Should be in the options there somewhere.

I know for sure that I have completely had it with "Easy" CD Creator 5 (or any other version).  It has not been a decent product since it was released, IMO.

Take Care,


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> For those of you who have Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum, maybe you can help.
> I'm running WinNT 4.0
> I'm trying to copy one of my audio cd's for Christmas(any of them for that
> matter) but when the program is testing the source drive audio transfer
> rate, it stops and becomes un responsive at 46% of it's check.  
> This happens
> with every audio cd I try to copy using Soundstreams "make a music cd"
> option.
> I know both drives are ok, I have an older version of Easy CD 
> Creator that I
> can use and it works fine for copying audio.
> Anyone have some idea of why it's failing at 46%? Is there a fix 
> for it?, I
> have just downloaded all the updates and that didn't fix it.
> Thanks,
> Bob
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