I'm In Love with New Zealand [was: Re: [thechat] LOTR!]

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Sat Dec 22 00:37:25 CST 2001

On 2001.12.21 21:33, Andrew Forsberg wrote:

> My first reaction on hearing you talk about the 'unspoilt southern
> island' was to cringe. I gave it more thought today, and you're
> probably right: several areas of the south island are really lovely.
> Even in the north island (where you can actually get decent coffee (:
> ) there are areas of bush & forest near fairly large cities that in
> all likelihood have never had a human walk through them.

Umm... just in case nobody's noticed, the scenery in New Zealand is a lot
like the scenery in many different parts of Canada.  Also unspoilt and there
just seems to be sooooooo much of it.  Visit in late-August and you'll be in
for a treat.

Trust me.


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