I'm In Love with New Zealand [was: Re: [thechat] LOTR!]

Quackamoe quackamoe at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 22 01:23:30 CST 2001

--- Andrew Forsberg <andrew at thepander.co.nz> wrote:

> My first reaction on hearing you talk about the
> 'unspoilt southern 
> island' was to cringe. I gave it more thought today,
> and you're 
> probably right: several areas of the south island
> are really lovely. 
> Even in the north island (where you can actually get
> decent coffee (: 
> ) there are areas of bush & forest near fairly large
> cities that in 
> all likelihood have never had a human walk through
> them.
Sounds like what I've been looking for for a very long

> I can recommend a truly excellent b&b in Sandspit,
> but I've a hunch 
> you're thinking of heading *way* out country. The

Well, I usually plan in a bit of pampering after a
trek, so if the b&b has a URL, send it along!

> on horses. If 
> you're interested in horse treks through fjords /
> forests / mountains 
> / wherever-else-horsey-people-go, then shout out and
> I'll get her to 
> type up some recommendations and links to NZ horsey
> sites. 

You mean have the horse carry all the food and the
tents and the sleeping bags - and ME too?? Oh yes,
that would be lovely! Get Vanessa busy!

> (Keeping 
> and buying a horse in NZ is *far* cheaper than
> almost anywhere in the 
> western world, there is a very large community of
> horsey people here.)
Among my financial goals are being able to *rent* a
boat when I need it instead of having to take care of
it, store it, and tow it to whatever body of water I
want to sail. Just take it back to the dock and say
"here, clean this thing up; it's a mess." And leave.
The same applies to horses.

> One other thing: NZers are very different from
> Australians, who are 
> exceedingly proud of their country. We have a long,
> suffering, 
> history of culture-cringe. It has changed

Seems to me NZers have every bit as much claim to 
bragging rights as Australians. 
> Give a yell if you're passing through Auckland and
> I'll shout y'all manhattans &/or NZ red wine.
Reckon I'll have to settle for a Coke. ;) Guess I'd
better start looking at air fairs; this will probably
take me a couple of years to bring off. Thanks for
the reply,


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