[thechat] pilot's license, anyone?

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Our unix guru is a pilot, just recently certified to fly on instruments. You
can tell which days she's flying 'cause the whole day, it's like she's had
way too much caffiene. She's absolutely delirious. This is from someone who
reminds me more of a librarian than anyone I've met. She loves flying. But,
yeah, like Dave says, it's EXPENSIVE.

My dad was in the air force before he met my mom. He spent three years in
Alaska as the radio operator (and occasional pilot) on a rescue plane, a
Ford Tri-Motor. His stories of flying along just above the surface of the
water, then climbing UP to land on ice pack to pick someone up were one of
the most exciting things I experienced as a child. I realize he actually
spent most of those three years strapped in a seat, looking out a tiny
little window, but he was looking at Alaska from the air and I don't think
he ever really got over it.

If I had the money, I'd fly. My brother took lessons for a while, and
although he's normally pretty eloquent, he couldn't describe the feeling
except to say it's exactly like you imagine, only more.

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> I was dead-set on getting my pilot's license (or "flight
> certificate" or whatever the hell the "proper" term for it is). I've
> always liked the flights to a vacation location better than the vacation
> itself. And I am *dying* to see what it's like to fly sitting in the
> cockpit, going head-on into clouds, geese, etc.
> So, I call up the local regional airport (they're ALL over the place
> around here (south-western Ohio) -- the joke with the locals is that when
> you drive down one of the main highways, you'll pass two McDonald's
> resturaunts and three regional airports). They send me a bunch of stuff on
> classes. Turns out, it'll be around $2700 to get enough instruction and
> flight hours to get a license. I've talked to a few people who already
> have their license and they all say it's well worth it... and that local
> companies (like GE, etc.) even love to see that on a resume.
> I was wondering if any of you have a license and what you think about
> it. They also have a intro class that's an hour on the ground and an hour
> on one of their "press here to fly" planes. That would get me the
> experience I want and it's only $55, but... damn... i want that license.
> Any thoughts?
> thanks,
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> mattwarden
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