[thechat] Genetically Superior M&Ms

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at compaq.com
Fri Dec 28 12:34:44 CST 2001

Seen the M&M one before - thought it was pretty neat.  (... and did an
informal poll at the time to confirm that I am not the only wackadoodle
who eats M&Ms by color ... saving the (once rare) green and red ones for
last.)     ;-)

Anyway, [speaking of lives] .... A while back there was a (US)
television advertisement for Chips Ahoy cookies that boasted something
along the lines of "Now with an average of [x] chips per cookie!".
Naturally a statement like that can't go unchallenged!  A selfless
statistics professor from the University of Akron plopped himself down
in front of the TV on a sunday afternoon [to watch the Browns game] ...
with a bag or two of Chips Ahoy cookies, a clipboard, and a large empty
bowl.  He crumpled each cookie in turn and counted up the chocolate
chips - tallying the results as he went along.

I believe the verdict was that the advertising was correct.

Ah ... the untold lengths of suffering we 'math' folks will dare ...  to
apease our muse!

(who once worked with a different guy who taught Stat at Akron - from
whom he heard the story.)
{No cookies were harmed in the retelling of this tale!}

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And I thought I needed a life... :P

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