has tea quality diminished? (was Re: [thechat] Genetically Superior M&Ms)

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> (As if a murrican would know tea from taurine.) So, what brands of tea do
> you real tea-drinkers buy?

I drink Caff Tea.  Bloke in the caff pours steaming
water from the boiler into a 1-gallon stainless steel
pot over a few heaped teaspoons of Co-op 99 tealeaves, 
swirls it around until it's pitch black, 1/3 fills the 
cup with it, puts some milk in until it's dark brown
and tops it up with more boiling water.

Result: a large toxic mug you can stand your spoon up
in.  Sticking smallest finger out whilst drinking
not necessary.  Best served with fried egg roll and
brown sauce.


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