[thechat] Beervolt - Oregon/Portland area

Hugh Blair hblair at hotfootmail.com
Thu Jan 3 00:20:06 CST 2002

Hi all,

Well, since I started this with so little notice, why should I now
change?  I just got scheduled back to the Portland area for 1/7-16.
So...do we want to put something together?

Last attempt prompted these responses:

Ben Henick:
Given that it's wintertime, close in Eastside would probably be the best
place to hold a beervolt, though in fact most of us evolters here in
Portland are Westsiders.  (For myself, I'm an addict and would prefer a
locale that will accommodate my tobacco, and such establishments are in
shorter supply on the Westside.)

<me=addict, but I can do a place that is smoke-free>

I might be up for dinner/drinks.  I'm down in Eugene (120 mi), but I could 
probably make the trip.  Tuesday might work best for me.  What part of town 
are people in?  Maybe go someplace relatively large like Kennedy School.

<we could meet anywhere - Salem?  Whatever is OK for me>

What you like?  Thai food?  Sushi?  Tiki bars?  Microbrews?  West side 
or east side... IOW, you want to hang with the yuppies or the hippies?

<I'll be based in Forest Grove, far West side, but Avis provides the car.
I don't care where, what food, what '..ppies'.>

My schedule would make these days not so good: 1/7(mon), 1/11(fri),
1/13(sun).  Would 1/12(sat) be the best for everyone?  I'm actually off
all day so anything anywhere anytime then would be good.  Other days I'm
free after 5:30pm, but figure travel time from Forest Grove.

So, those of you that are local: pick a place/time/type.  I'll jump in
and buy at least the first round.


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