[thechat] Beervolt - Oregon/Portland area

Hugh Blair hblair at hotfootmail.com
Thu Jan 3 02:01:23 CST 2002

> i'm not an addict, but i do enjoy smoking when i drink.

Me too, but it's optional.  I spend too much time with those
that don't that I've gotten used to it.

> > Thai food?
> mmmm, thai food.


> > Sushi?
> mmmmmmmmm, sushi.


> wtf brings you out to forest grove.  that's where i was born and my parents
> still live.  i'd love to find an excuse (employment) to take me and my
> family back that way for good.

I'm setting up practice management software at PUC - the
optometry school/dept.  Mon-Fri is at the school with the staff
brought in from all the offices, next Mon-Wed is with them going
'live' in their various offices around Portland.

> how about everyone else drives to forest grove instead.  there's a
> mcmenamin's, the grand lodge, right in town where all sorts of beers and
> hard liquors are served.  there's a restaurant, a grill, and outside digs
> for those that prefer fresh air and/or smoking.  prices are good and the
> lodge and grounds are absolutely breathtaking.
> http://www.mcmenamins.com/grandlodge/index.html

I'm staying at the Best Western just down the street from there.
I saw this place but didn't take the time to visit last time there.  This
sounds like a great option - at least for me

> i'm game for saturday, if anybody else is.  i'd also be coming from eugene
> with a car full of family.  however, once i drop them off at my parents, i'd
> be more than willing to pick up a couple evolters in the portland area or
> meet them at the end of the max line in hillsboro and bring them back out to
> the lodge (for those without transportation of their own).

That's cool.  Of course, my offer to drive where-ever is still open.  Who
else will jump in here?


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