[thechat] RE: [Theforum] waaaaaaay OT -- snow

Miriam Frost miriam at members.evolt.org
Thu Jan 3 10:52:29 CST 2002

Ppppbbt to that, you should see my stupidly long and stupidly inclined
driveway. And the stupidly large expanse of sidewalk I have to deal with.
Then, go out and deal with people that drive like morons and nearly kill me?
No way, man. More than four inches and I'm working from home.

Meanwhile, I should really get a snowblower.
Or offer my snow-blower-owning-neighbor a case of whiskey for the trouble.

> Actually, the part that reaaaally confuses folks from warmer climes ...
> is the one where you explain that this is no excuse to be late for work
> ... you just get up a few hours early to dig out before showering and
> heading to work ... that's the part that they have trouble with!

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