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<sounding like a VERY old guy>
I remember when I was a kid in Wisconsin, the snowplow wouldn't come out to
our house. He got stuck once, and it took all day to get back out. So my dad
would get up extra early, and plow his way out in our '57 Buick Roadmaster
(the ever popular pink and white model) and all the neighbors would follow
his trail to town. He did that for two years until his company offered to
transfer him to Cali <whoosh as dad races to pack> fornia. In the rest of
his life (25 years) he went back to Wisconsin exactly once. Never set foot
in snow again til the day he died.

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> Hi Aardie!
> [Moved to 'thechat']    Pretty neat!
> Actually, the part that reaaaally confuses folks from warmer climes ...
> is the one where you explain that this is no excuse to be late for work
> ... you just get up a few hours early to dig out before showering and
> heading to work ... that's the part that they have trouble with!
> RonL.
> (Who has a *very* well-worn snow shovel now gathering dust in his garage
> here in Houston!)       ;-p

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