[thechat] RE: [Theforum] waaaaaaay OT -- snow

Bruce Heerssen bruce at heerssen.com
Thu Jan 3 19:35:49 CST 2002

Luther, Ron wrote:

>Ha!  I like it!
>I remember driving 100+ miles to church on Sunday in northern Minnesota
>... and pushing snow over the hood of the car on the unplowed roads the
>whole way there ...  [probably not one of the brighter things I've
ugh, snow.

A few years ago, while in denver, I had a bright idea...
Drive up to Fort Collins (about an hour in good weather) to visit a 
friend. So I borrowed my sister's truck and left just as a nice blizzard 
was setting in. The truck was a chevy 1500 pickup with four bald tires. 
And I do mean bald -- no tread. Let me tell you, few things will get 
your heart racing faster than looking down at the speedometer and 
finding it reads better than 50 mph -- when you know you aren't doing 
more than 20. More like 10. In traffic. This happened several times but, 
white knuckled, I made it all the way there. And it only took three hours.

I was amused to see the number of brand new FWD SUVs that had slid off 
of the highway. There were at least 10 of them along my route. Why are 
so many SUV owners bad drivers?


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