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Ben Dyer ben_dyer at imaginuity.com
Fri Jan 4 15:28:46 CST 2002

On 03:12 PM 1/4/2002, Judah McAuley said to me:
>At 03:03 PM 1/4/2002 -0600, Ben Dyer expounded...
>>I plan on auctioning off most of my VHS tapes at some point this year 
>>(while I can still get something for them). Or maybe not, they'll 
>>probably be collectors items someday. :)
>Be careful about auctioning off all your VHS tapes, some of those may 
>never come out on DVD.  Just like some great music originally issued on 
>vinyl never made it to CD.

This is true.  I need to go through my collection and find out which are 
available on DVD (in case I want to buy it again).  I'm to the point now 
that my VCR isn't even hooked up anymore.  It sits very forlorn-looking in 
the corner now.

>For instance, I just had to break down and buy Rosencrantz & Guildenstern 
>Are Dead on VHS from Amazon.uk because it is out of print in the U.S.  Now 
>I have to get the tape converted to NTSC format so I can actually watch 
>it.  All because some studio decided it wasn't worth it to keep it in 
>print or put it out on DVD.  And this is a movie that's not too old 
>(1990), from a well know director (Tom Stoppard), starring two well known 
>actors (Tim Roth and Gary Oldman).

Of course, if I had a Quicksilver G4, I could dump the video into iMovie 
and then burn it to a DVD...hmmmm, there's a thought for my old 
videos.  Obviously not the same quality, but I wouldn't need the VCR 
anymore. :)


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