[thechat] Re: Rechargable Batteries

Dave Fitch lists at dere-street.com
Fri Jan 4 16:23:00 CST 2002

"Olly Hodgson" <gnarly at gmx.co.uk> said:

>My digicam takes 4 AA batteries. I'm gonna buy some rechargeables. Are NiMHs
>the ones to get? NiCads? Something entirely different?

Check the NiMHs carefully: they come [at least in the AA sizes] in a 
variety of capacities: the 1300s and 1500s seem fairly common, though 
you can get 2000s, and they're the ones I'd recommend.

BTW, if you're going through Heathrow you can get Sony AAs in the 
duty free, and they're not only really really cheap seem to have a 
lot of oomph in them [certainly better than Duracells...]. Go to the 
liquor/cigs/candy store to get them though, they're the only ones 
that sell boxes of 20, Dixons only have 8s and 12s.

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