[thechat] If Jar Jar Binks wasn't bad enough...

Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Sat Jan 5 07:48:43 CST 2002

... 'N Sync boys will make cameos in Star Wars Episode II.



At last, someone has stepped in to replace Jar Jar Binks as the target of 
derision from Star Wars fans the world over.
Brace yourselves: The boys of 'N Sync will have a cameo in the upcoming 
Star Wars: Episode II--Attack of the Clones. A Lucasfilm spokeswoman 
confirmed what Star Wars fan sites had been buzzing about for days, saying 
the fivesome will appear briefly in a "big scene."



If only I could use The Force to ram a lightsabre up the arses of those 'N 
Sync morons!

What has the world come to? Is no institution safe from these brat bands?
Let's put Britney in too, shall we? :(


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