[thechat] If Jar Jar Binks wasn't bad enough...

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I didn't say anything about skinny being sexy. I like a well toned body
myself and as a "dancer" she should have one and she doesn't. The whales in
Walmart are fat, not chubby... That was three years ago when she actually
had a nice looking bod, she doesn't now..

Ron White

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On 2002.01.05 17:09, Ron White wrote:

> At least she'd make good eye candy ;-)
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> How so? She's chubby and not all that attractive

Chubby... by whose standards?  What's up with people expecting beautiful to
= skinny? I think thin is sickly. Especially if we're talking pop standards.
If you think Britney Spears is chubby you obviously haven't been to Wal-Mart
lately.  I'd far rather see a beautiful women with a healthy figure.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not defending Britney, but c'mon... "chubby?"



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