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Tue Jan 8 11:25:09 CST 2002

On 7 Jan 2002 at 15:38, Erika Meyer posted a message which said:

> >She also likes all of the isoflavones (no, I don't know what the 
> >hell they are) that are in it, since they are supposed to be really
> >good for women.
> soy products are said to be very good for women, yes.

Depends on who's doing the saying.  I worked in research for Central 
Soya a few years ago, so I've heard all the stuff from both sides. 
Between the lecithin, the ability of soy compounds to mimic sex 
hormones, the indigestibility of soy proteins, and the triglyceride 
problems (including cancer from trans acids), I tend to avoid soy these 

It's not like I have a deathly fear of soy; I'm grilling some part-soy 
burgers as I write this, using soy oil. But if not for *very* good 
prices (clearance: 12 quarter-pound burgers for $2, oil for $1.69 a 
gallon), I normally grill 100% beef and use canola oil.

I drive about 10 miles away to get *raw* milk straight off the farm. 
There are two farms in the county (Lancaster, PA) that sell it, which 
is a great improvement over Ohio, where there are only two farms in the 
entire *state* allowed to sell raw milk. Raw milk tastes better (at 
least to me) and for me, it digests a lot better, although some people 
have problems with it.


We are the parents our people warned us about....

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