[thechat] Now what! (Microsoft investigating alleged flaw in IE browser)

Andrew Forsberg andrew at thepander.co.nz
Tue Jan 8 21:51:58 CST 2002

Garrett Coakley said:

>and Evolution (which just rocks generally).

GRRRRRR at evolution. Sorry to have to complain about this, but 
honestly! I've never known a program with so many dependencies almost 
all of which are highly version sensitive. It takes a half day to 
compile, and then still won't work because of said fussy dependencies 
and because autoconf doesn't bother to tell you that 6 hours later 
the compile is going to spit the dummy. GRRRR!

>Someone tell me why people still use Windows again?

Well there's counter-strike... and browser testing. Errrr... oh yea, 
and you can usually get binaries for apps unlike several *nix 
products (like GRRRRR GRRRRR evolution GRRRR; although that's not 
often such a problem).


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