[thechat] What Linux Apps WAS: Now what!

Mike King mike.king at redroom.co.uk
Wed Jan 9 08:52:36 CST 2002

At 14:19 09/01/02 +0000, John Handelaar said:

>Evolution (beta) because, like GC, I have MDK8.1 and
>there aren't any fscking RPMs at all for anything for
>8.1 yet (rant over)

Yeah, I tried installing Evolution the other day... (I've got MDK 8.1 as 
well lovely broadband) and after a couple of hours spent trying to 
uninstall glibc etc... to get the right versions. I gave up!

>Gabber.  If you don't have a Jabber account yet you're
>the ENEMY, Mike, you hear me?  :-)

s'ok I've got a jabber account... (emkay)

>Yeah, this thing's annoying the shit out of me atm because
>it set up a /usr on its own partition which is now full...
>which is unbelievably stupid.

And I assume nothing can be done to alter the size?

>Even so, I'd uninstall 2K today *if* I could run DW on it.
>I know it ain't cool but it's fucking useful to have around

It's just too useful to get rid of!


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