[thechat] What Linux Apps WAS: Now what!

mccreath mccreath at ak.net
Wed Jan 9 09:51:00 CST 2002

On Tuesday, January 08, 2002 3:09 PM, Garrett Coakley said:

> Someone tell me why people still use Windows again?
> G.

And then on Wednesday, January 09, 2002 5:22 AM, Garrett Coakley answered

> Ah yes, partitioning. Took me 2 years of linux installs before I got the
> hang of that, and thats a *lot* of installs *:)
> G.


Oh, and did I mention the vast and implacable bureacracy for which I work?

I actually have a little P100 that runs Linux and I have used it for some
stuff, but it's really just not up to the job yet. I think the OS is, and I
think for 99.9% of my non-work stuff I could happily use Linux, but that
little box isn't quite up to it. And I have to have Windows on my better
machine at home for work stuff. And I hate dual booting.


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