Fwd: [thechat] Silk?

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Wed Jan 9 11:21:25 CST 2002

>Between the lecithin, the ability of soy compounds to mimic sex
>hormones,  the indigestibility of soy proteins, and the triglyceride
>problems (including cancer from trans acids), I tend to avoid soy these

Soy-eating Asian women have far less breast cancer than us 
milk-sucking meat-chomping westerners.  I believe their heart disease 
rate is a lot lower, also.

My 6 year old daughter (half Indigenous-American, half Euro-American) 
refuses to drink cows milk, but loves tofu & miso & edamame & soy 
sauce so much, she's earned herself the nickname "soy girl" from the 
owner of our local sushi joint.

Commercial dairy and meat products are probably contaminated with 
pesticides (which are also estrogen-imitators) -- many pesticides & 
contaminants tend to concentrate in the fatty tissues of animals.... 
not to mention there are the antibiotics, the growth hormones.

I always look for organic or at the very least non-GMO foods... even in meats.

>I normally grill 100% beef and use canola oil.

canoloa oil: also a trans-fatty acid.   & wtf is a rapeseed?


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