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Bob Davis bobd at members.evolt.org
Thu Jan 10 12:58:40 CST 2002

At 10:35 AM -0800 1/10/02, Joe Crawford wrote:

>Bob Davis wrote:
>>Joe - have you got any insights on hypnosis and smoking? (healthy 
>>lungs is a subject near and dear to Joe, for those of you who might 
>>not know)
>Not really -- the smoking cessation angle was not really my side of 
>the equation -- I got to see people on the downward slope of what 
>smoking can do to the body -- cancers of various kinds, emphysema, 
>heart disease. But I've talked to hundreds of smokers *about* their 
>smoking and heard the same thing many times -- "I know it's bad for 
>me, but I can't quit."

I wasn't sure. I know you helped folks who couldn't breath for 
whatever reason (their habits or otherwise), so I wasn't sure if 
you'd have any clues on cessation.

>So I'd be inclined to support *anything* which supports a person's 
>desire to quit smoking -- because people with an addiction can use 
>all the help they can get. Hypnosis is the real deal, studies show 
>that they help decrease people re-starting smoking. So good for you 

That's what I've heard too. The focus seems to be identifying 
yourself as a non-smoker, and living that role.

I hope it helps!


bob davis
bobd at members.evolt.org

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