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Thu Jan 10 16:29:31 CST 2002

Hi Cheryl,

Absolutely on the mark!  

[.. with 'park' as a hint, I was able to find a corroborating photo ...]

It's the Reformation Monument in Geneva:


<snip>.Monument de la Reformation, in the park, promenade des Bastions.
The Reformation Monument was built in 1917 along a 16th-century rampart,
beneath the walls of the old town on promenade des Bastions. The
monument, which is 100 yards (91m) long, represents John Knox, Calvin,
Theodore de Beze, and Guillaume Farel--the four Genevese reformers.
Other statues include Cromwell, the Pilgrim Fathers, and on either end,
Luther and Zwingli.



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Yes, I believe that is in Geneva, in a large park, somewhere near the
university, I believe.  The wall behind the statues is actually a
retaining wall, with a road at the top. 


> Does anyone know where this is? From the batch of photos I found it
> I'm guessing Geneva.
> http://www.cubica.co.uk/unknown/unknown.html

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