[thechat] Audio: tape to CD?

Roger L. Waggener waggener at vss.fsi.com
Mon Jan 14 15:25:35 CST 2002

Sure it is, you're simply getting a line-in signal from
the output of your cassette player via  a cable.

Plug one end of the double-male audio cable (preferably
purchased, but possibly wired by someone who understands
what is going on) into either the "line-out" output of
your cassette player, or lacking that, the headphone jack.

Plug the other end of the cable into the "line-in" on
your computer and you are ready to record.

Of course, before you start recording, you need to match
the signal levels- that is make sure the output "volume"
of the cassette player and the "input volume" so to speak,
of your computer match so that the recording will sound

I would suggest setting the volume of the cassette player
at around mid-way (if it goes to 10 set it to 5) and then
hit play.

Before you begin recording, look at the waveform window of
the sound app you are using- the window in which you can see
the sound waves as they are digitized. 

If the waves are not touching the top and bottom of the 
window, you can record without causing overload distortion,
if the wave doesn't fill most of the window, you might
want to increase the input level (or the volume of the
cassette player) till it does.

With a little trial-and error experimentation, you will
find the settings that sound best.

I haven't used iTunes, so more explicit instructions
will have to come from someone else.

Good luck  (I know it works, I've done it)

  And when they ask me if I speak Rhinoceros
	I'll say "Of cours-e-rous, don't you?"

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