[thechat] LoA

Scott Dexter sgd at ti3.com
Mon Jan 14 17:20:55 CST 2002

> It's strange but the "First DVD you bought" question comes up 
> all the time 
> - I'm not sure why that is.  I don't remember the first VHS I 

well, I think it's because dvd's still have some mystique to them. I
know I consciously do the "Is this movie worth owning on DVD?" test when
I'm shopping. Some movies don't deserve to be on dvd (well, that of
course depends on your movie tastes), like Jaws II. LoA is definitely

To note, the first dvd I bought was "Barbarella." The kids who were in
Austin almost a year ago may know why. I refused to make "The Matrix" my
first dvd purchase (simply because it was everybody else's).

A great dvd list (Sorry Martin, ESPN.com cookie-fest coming your way),
and a not bad breakdown on why you'd buy a dvd-version of a movie over
its vhs cousin:

> Matrix"? :)  (I bought American Beauty and Full Metal Jacket 
> right after 
> that - I promise!)

good choices =)


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