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Robin Hastings robin at rhastings.net
Mon Jan 14 19:37:27 CST 2002

>> Is everyone else hip to the fact that you can plug your home
>> stereo DVD
>> player into an LCD projector (you know, the one that you
>> borrow from work)
>provided the LCD projector does S-Video or composite, yeah. Pretty neat
>eh? (oh, and you gotta have the cables, which can be more than just a
>couple bucks)

I work at a library and twice a month we have "staff movie night" where we hook
up a DVD to our LCD projector and watch nifty movies. Last week was Killer
Klowns from Outer Space. Next week is Dr. Zhivago. For Halloween we did a double
feature of The Shining and Jacob's Ladder (I didn't sleep well that night!). We
shine the projector onto our art gallery wall and have a "theatre quality"
experience - only we allow staff to BYOB!

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