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dave mclean dave at members.evolt.org
Mon Jan 14 21:26:20 CST 2002

On 2002.01.14 07:10, Luther, Ron wrote:

> I understand some can be pretty physically challenging ...
> although others can be held inside a covered shopping mall.  Quite a
> gamut there.

It's the same with Geocaching.  I think the big difference, other than the
fact that GPS is involved is that the Web site is kind of like your
passbook.  Letterboxing sounds like fun too.  I did a lot of orienteering in
cadets during our survival weekends and even own my own compass.

I guess the most alluring thing about Geocaching is that it brings out the
geekiness by combining two technologies and then send you outside. _Away_
from the computer.

Ahh... is that fresh air I smell? No, the dog just farted.


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