esoteric verbosity (was Re: [thechat] good article on processes, problem solving, and teaching old dogs new tricks)

spinhead evolt at
Wed Jan 16 16:43:35 CST 2002

> On 04:21 PM 1/16/2002, spinhead said to me:
> > > "Esoteric verbosity culminates in communicative ennui."  Yes, that's
> >one.
> Via just to be sure...
> Wordiness limited to a small circle of people results in a feeling of
> weariness and dissatisfaction concerning the communication.
> It basically boils down to "using a wordy phrase is annoying"'s one
> those jokes that after you figure out what it means, you either laugh or
> roll your eyes, depending on personality.
> --Ben

(note: to get the most from this animation, scroll sidewards and downwards
at approximately the same speed)

| |
     / /  _
              \ \
                  | |

There. Consider my 'Is' rolled.

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