[thechat] good article on processes, problem solving, and tea ching old dogs new tricks

Paul Cowan paul at wishlist.com.au
Wed Jan 16 16:57:50 CST 2002

> > "Garn dunna pub layder avva cubbla stubbies"
> Wanna learn me what 'stubbies' are? 

"Stubbies" are actually two things (meaning depends on context) -- either a
brand of dependable if unattractive work shorts, or a short-necked bottle of
beer (usually holding 375ml, or sometimes 345).

Admittedly they may not be called this in states other than Victoria, the
whole "beer terminology" thing varies from state to state, and no-one quite
understands it. Going to a bar in a state and giving the wrong name of a
beer glass -- or worse, the wrong brand of beer -- will get you laughed at. 

For example, what a Victorian will call a "Pot" of beer (285ml), a New South
Welshman will call a "Middie". So don't ask for a "Pot" when you're in
Sydney, you'll be well mocked.

"Stubbie", I think, is fairly universal though. Likewise, a "tinnie" is a
can (375ml).

So in other words, "I am going down to the bar later on, in order to consume
a few beers". 


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