[thechat] good article on processes, problem solving, and teaching old dogs new tricks

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Wed Jan 16 21:53:39 CST 2002

> "Stubbies" are actually two things (meaning depends on context)
> -- either a
> brand of dependable if unattractive work shorts, or a

"if"?!?!?! ;)

"horrendously unattractive" perhaps?

> understands it. Going to a bar in a state and giving the wrong name of a
> beer glass -- or worse, the wrong brand of beer -- will get you
> laughed at.

it happens.

> For example, what a Victorian will call a "Pot" of beer (285ml),
> a New South
> Welshman will call a "Middie". So don't ask for a "Pot" when you're in
> Sydney, you'll be well mocked.

had a beer with 2 friends from melbourne recently who were over for
xmas/nye. i ordered a pint. they ordered "umm, what's half a pint called in
adelaide again?"


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