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Hi Terry, 

Well, today was the day; LOTR has run in the cinemas here for a week now, but I didn't get to see the full movie until today. 

You were totally on target about the beauty and uniqueness of NZ nature. About the movie -- I'm a big fan of the book (have read it in several languages, several times) so I wasn't too happy with the cuts and the places that didn't match very closely with the book (there were especially many such places before Rivendell -- details all wrong). After the departure of the fellowship, the movie got a whole lot more interesting and better. 

The overall movie experience was way above my expectations (I thought there were more cuts) and I liked it a lot. Basically I knew that there would be some cuts and several were justified (like Tom) to make the movie short and smashing. Anyway, we went to see it with seven good friends of whom two had read the book and one is reading it right now and everybody liked the movie!! 

Like you, I also fell in love with the landscapes -- the mountains in the second half of the movie (journey of the fellowship) were my favourite part. All the mountains I've seen so far in Europe grew pale next to them. 

Whew, can't wait until I get to see the mountains of NZ with my very own eyes. 

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