[thechat] White Album

Quackamoe quackamoe at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 17 17:06:21 CST 2002

Finally picked up myself a copy of the Beatles White
Album on CD. I've only had it on vinyl, and haven't
a turntable in 15 years. I was amazed at how good it 
is. These songs hold up WELL. Also, many songs I'd 
forgotten even exist, to wit:

  Dear Prudence
  I Will
  Mother Nature's Son
  Honey Pie
  Savoy Truffle
  Cry Baby Cry

Just now listening to Helter Skelter and at the end,
when John (?) goes "I've got blisters on my fingers"
my 11-year-old understood it. Took me months or even
years to figure out what he was saying.


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