[thechat] Re:LoA

Judah McAuley judah at wiredotter.com
Thu Jan 17 17:17:34 CST 2002

At 03:10 PM 1/17/2002 -0800, spinhead expounded...
> > Whew!<Relief!>
> > I thought I might be going a little too far out on a limb with the
> > Victor Borge and Spike Jones stuff.  Coolio!  (And very glad I'm not the
> > only wacko out here who knows about this stuff!)  ;-)
> >
>You're kidding, right? Add Ernie Kovacs, and you've got the best humor ever.
>NO ONE ALIVE comes close. No one.

On the musical humor side, I'd have to put in a vote for Mark Russell.  Not 
always at the top of his form, but when he's on, he's great.


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