[thechat] LOTR

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Thu Jan 17 19:01:14 CST 2002

i've seen FOTR twice. wasn't disappointed at all. there were substantial
cuts, but it still moved quickly. i really don't think jackson could've done
it many other ways.

2 things i think should've been left in:

 - gollum's appearance in lothlorien, and then floating on the log, trailing
i worry that in ttt, gollum will make his reappearance after that glimpse in
moria, and too many people will think "hey, wtf did he come from?!" two
extra scenes towards the latter stages of fotr would've really emphasise how
much he is drawn to the ring.

 - the blindfolding scene in lothlorien
it really does set up gimli/legolas more for their interaction in ttt. the
beauty of galadriel, blah blah blah.

> Same here, and I think that's why I liked it better
> the second time around. No disappointments; no
> surprises. I think Rivendell as depicted is gorgeous,
> but along with Lothlorien, doesn't match my view of it
> at all. Too dark. No sprightly, joking, singning
> elves, these.

didn't like lothlorien very much. certainly didn't like the
galadrielresisting-the-ring scene. pretty crap.

> As for the DVD, I'm hoping it's gonna have tons of
> stuff not in the theatrical release. I know I've seen
> photos of scenes that didn't make it, so I know they
> shot them. The LotR DVD fest may take more than one
> day if each DVD contains lots of extra footage, eh?

my parents brought back a FOTR dvd (amongst 40 others) from vietnam.
dodgiest in-cinema job i've ever seen. hehe. the sound is trashy, and the
video looks almost like they've filmed it directly from a vcd or something.
oh well.


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