[thechat] LoA

matthew garrett matthew.garrett at snet.net
Thu Jan 17 23:54:43 CST 2002

Yes, Memento was riveting.

I actually saw it immediately before showing up at the Ginger Man in Austin
for Beervolt last year. (!) Didn't I rave about it then, or was i too busy
getting drunk?

> From: Bob Davis (and everyone else)
> +1
> Just saw it a couple nights ago. Awesome. Follow was good too.

Yep, Follow, or Following, or whatever, has few similar things going for it.
Very interesting, and a good DVD - since the director explains a lot of
things they did to make it a good, cheap movie.

Two other previously unmentioned (i think) movies pop into mind as
potentially good DVDs. Snatch was actually quite a bit of fun, and it was
the first movie i watched in the projected, surround sound, home
pseudo-theater thingy...

And has anyone seen Three Kings on DVD? It seems like that would be a good
one because of the visual style, and weirdness.

matt g.

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