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My thoughts exactly. We always had to remember to leave a car window open a
crack when we got home. If you ran the air conditioner all the way home and
cooled the inside of the car too much, and if your window seals were still
good, the heat would pressurize the interior until a window blew out.

I don't live in Texas any more. Don' wanna.


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> At 4:04 PM +1030 1/18/02, Isaac Forman wrote:
> >I know that most of these sound like exaggerations, but only a couple
> >Hot weather in Australia (especially South Australia, where the sun is
> >brutal) is harsh.
> >
> >---
> >
> >You know you're in an Australian Summer when...
> It kind of sounds like a South Texas summer...
> The sun feels like it's inches away.
> I think it was in the 70's here today (middle of winter - something like
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