[thechat] Australian Summer

matthew garrett matthew.garrett at snet.net
Fri Jan 18 07:56:42 CST 2002

Sounds like a counter-positive to the extreme cold weather phenomenon of the
square tire. You know - park the car overnight, get in the next morning, and
the tire has essentially frozen with a flat spot on the bottom. You drive
away clump, clump, clump, clump.

Then there's the Louisiana summer, where the heat is less blast-furnace, and
more extra-large sauna. That's hard stuff to get used to. "Would you please
stop standing on my chest - oh, there's no one there."

matt g.

> From: "spinhead" <evolt at spinhead.com>

> My thoughts exactly. We always had to remember to leave a car window open a
> crack when we got home. If you ran the air conditioner all the way home and
> cooled the inside of the car too much, and if your window seals were still
> good, the heat would pressurize the interior until a window blew out.
> I don't live in Texas any more. Don' wanna.

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