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Oooops - sorry - meant that to go to mj!

(Although it seems oddly fitting to screw up and send a mail on managing
your list mail ... to the wrong list!   I guess that gives me my daily
dose of irony!)

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Hi Joel,

Yup - it's true!

Hi Betsy,

Yeah - MJ has been kind of quiet lately.  Sometimes it seems to dry up
for days at a time.

<How do we keep up?>
Hmmmm ... for me I guess I don't. I'm a pack rat - I want to read
everything - cuz I don't want to miss anything interesting - and I find
entirely too many things "interesting"    ;-)    ... I dropped off
AListApart and a Mandrake list or two because they generated entirely
too much traffic for me to try to keep up with ... and cuz I liked evolt
and mj better.

I'm rarely 'caught up' - [once in a while it happens - but not all that
often] - I was out of the office for a day this week and right now I
have about 260 unread 'non-work' emails.

On the plus side - As an 'intranet reporting guy' ... I often have oddly
shaped blocks of 'down time' while a report is executing.  If a report
takes 20 minutes to run while I'm testing - that gives me a couple of
minutes to read and (maybe) reply to a couple of posts.  So, I guess
that's how I do it.

I might also read posts as a 'break' - just to get away from the work
junk for a few minutes to try to clear my head again.

On the other side - being on these lists has give me a lot more sympathy
for folks 'coming in late to a thread' and have a better appreciation
for red-faced folks who reply to the 3rd mail in a thread - [cuz they
are reading them oldest to newest] - only to find that the 6th through
12th mail in that thread already offered the same answer they were
putting forth.

'zat help any?


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Anyone have Betsy's answer? She's a good egg; good questions, good

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>|  From: Betsy Garfield [mailto:garfld at gte.net] 
>|  I am on 2 lists that are so busy I can't keep up. How do 
>|  people work and 
>|  read all their email?
>|  I liked the Babble list until it disappeared. Maybe i 
>|  should check out 
>|  evolt and see if any Babblers are there.

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