[thechat] LOTR

Dulcie Meatheringham dulcie at members.evolt.org
Mon Jan 21 21:06:14 CST 2002

It was written:

> > As for the DVD, I'm hoping it's gonna have tons of
> > stuff not in the theatrical release. I know I've seen
> > photos of scenes that didn't make it, so I know they
> > shot them. The LotR DVD fest may take more than one
> > day if each DVD contains lots of extra footage, eh?
> my parents brought back a FOTR dvd (amongst 40 others) from vietnam.
> dodgiest in-cinema job i've ever seen. hehe. the sound is trashy, and the
> video looks almost like they've filmed it directly from a vcd or
> something.
> oh well.

Director's cut is supposed to be 4.5 hours on the DVD. My boyfriend listed
all the extra bits that are to be in it, but I had to stop him before I died
of impatience.  Cannot wait!

Didja hear that they'll be releasing a Two Towers trailer within the next
month?  Eee.


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