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> > > - I'm not sure why that is.  I don't remember the first VHS I
> Oh, and the first VHS tape I (via the parents) ever owned: Indiana Jones
> and the Lost Ark. And it was US$80 at the time...

sorry i'm coming into this thread a bittie late (says me determined to catch
up on all things evolt) ...

first VHS: Coming To America (sorry, I was 15!)
first DVD: You've Got Mail + Blade (purchased together along with DVD-ROM)

and yes, the projector idea rocks - we nicknamed an office projector
Braveheart after watching the Mel Gibson movie on it, hooked up to a set of
Altec Lansing speakers blagged off a Dell (yes, the ones with the subwoofer)
... mmm, nice

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