[thechat] I am Insane

spinhead evolt at spinhead.com
Wed Jan 23 14:57:55 CST 2002

> Reminds me of Eugene Mirman.

That's what I thought.

> > I have no idea why I can't stop laughing at this:
> > <http://www.toiletduk.net/insanity_test/>
> > Of course, most of us programmers were rolling on the floor, and the
> > designers and project managers didn't get it...I wonder what that

I am having a REALLY sucky (MS Exchange) day, and I was determined to stay
mad thru that whole stupid thing (who could laugh at some idiot making
really bad car noises anyway?) until he shifted (BA-aaaaawwwwmmmm) and I
spit on myself.


> Miriam
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