[thechat] Jeopardy is tonight

Andrew Forsberg andrew at thepander.co.nz
Wed Jan 23 20:09:45 CST 2002

Joe Crawford wrote:
>Spoilers Dagnabbit! I shoulda stopped reading the list!

Well, we'll never see it down here, so if anyone feels like 
transcribing the highlights I'll be exceedingly grateful. :)

I'm thinking along the lines of:
Ron had the look of a man stricken, utterly abject, at the <please 
fill in the gaps, perhaps: "what does HTML stand for"> question, but 
braced himself, steeled his brain, yet to the horror and awesome 
admiration of the other contestants, host, camera people, and 
evolters worldwide, answered <please fill in the gaps>... etc etc etc

Congrats man!


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