[thechat] Jeopardy is tonight

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Wed Jan 23 21:13:17 CST 2002

congrats, ron

Business Names -- feh!!

i would have wagered a lot too (not enough to lose, but a lot) -- and i
would have lost, too

anyhow, you looked real cool, but i bet you were nervous -- those questions
sure come fast

i like the pacing of "win ben stein's money" a lot more, and of course it's
*way* funnier...

anyhow, you totally blew those other contestants away -- congrats again

oh, and in case y'all missed wheel of fortune, which aired just before
jeopardy, there was a woman on there, who had to guess a *person* and the
puzzle board said


and the woman hemmed and hawed and finally guessed    "K?"

i just about died

i was screaming "BUY A FUCKING VOWEL, YOU STUPID WOMAN" -- although not out
loud, 'cause my kids were watching

funny thing, she ended up winning the day and 32K


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