[thechat] *Good* recruiment agencies in the UK

Garrett Coakley garrett at polytechnic.co.uk
Thu Jan 24 08:55:27 CST 2002

Afternoon GMT'ers,

As some of you will know my own business has been going through a few
problems over the past six months so I've decided to get back into full
time employment, see if I can reduce my stress levels a tiny bit.

I'm looking for some recommendations for good recruitment agencies in
the UK. By good I guess I mean people who actually know what they're
talking about and aren't just out to fill up their monthly quota.

So far I haven't been very impressed with the people I've talked to.
Lots of reasons really, but the main ones are:

* Putting me forward for jobs at Microsoft based departments, even
though I've specifically told them I'm from a Linux/Apache background
and have no experience of NT based technology. 

* Those sort of recruitment agencies who really have no
idea what the details on my CV mean and keep asking why I don't have
Frontpage or Dreamweaver[1] experience. 

I've been out of the job market for too long, and the amount of agencies
out there seems to have exploded since I last looked.

Who do you recommend? Who have you had good success with? Any and all
info gratefully received.



[1] Not that I have anything against these packages, but if I can hand
code surely they should know it's a dumb question? Or am I being to

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