Kudos Ron! ... was - RE: [thechat] Jeopardy is tonight

Ben Dyer ben_dyer at imaginuity.com
Thu Jan 24 09:35:43 CST 2002

Hee.  About halfway through I was thinking, "I think I'll give him some 
crap about missing that 'diglot' question."  Then at the end I thought, 
"Nah, he's going to get enough crap about the tequila question." ;)

Congratulations, Ron.  I've got my TiVo set to record today, too. :)


On 08:36 AM 1/24/2002, matthew garrett said to me:
>It was a pleasure to watch someone i "know" walk away with the money.
>Particularly gratifying in light of your tip about life savings over on the
>list. Hope that Jeopardy helped replenish that situation a bit.
>And as any good Jeopardy Champion does, you knew all the things I knew
>(except for Cuervo) - and a whole lot more.

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